Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have been thinking a lot about the talk that Tara Furman gave to use at MOPS last week. She began with a reading about Hagar, how she was abused by Sarah and escaped into the desert, she was spoken to by God who told her to go back to Sarah and to serve her again. I had never thought much about Hagar, but after Tara talked about her I thought about how hard that must have been to go back to the woman who was mistreating you, who was going to take your baby and claim it as her own, and to know that you were going back to that situation. What got me the most, though, was the fact that she did not believe in God at the time she was spoken to, so she trusted a God that she did not know, and who was the same God that her abuser worshipped. He must have really made an impression on Hagar! I think about how amazing that must have been for her to be in the desert, alone, scared, pregnant and completely lost and unsure how this was going to all go, and then to be spoken to by God, who used her name. Sarah never once used her name according to the scriptures, but God, the Almighty God, called her by her name. She was a servant girl, who did not believe in Him, and who had every reason to not want to believe in Him, and yet, when she was told to go back to Sarah and to serve her, Hagar did. The young, pregnant, scared and alone girl did what God told her to do. What gives me comfort, though, is knowing that God comforted her in what was probably the worst she had ever felt. She went back to Sarah and as able to serve her and continue to live under what were probably not great circumstances because she know that God was with her. He called her by name, I find that so encouraging and uplifting. God, the creator of the universe, the Almighty, knew and used Hagars name. He also know and uses yours! Listen and you will hear Him whispering your name, whispering encouraging words to you, no matter what the situation is, He is there, he cares, he is listening and is speaking to you, you just have to listen for Him.

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